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Web Scraper API

Web Scraper API is designed to collect real-time data at scale from most websites.
You can try Web Scraper API for free for 1 week. Fill out a free trial form on the Web Scraper API page to get started.
Below we have separated a popular category - Social Media - that businesses often choose to gather data from using Web Scraper API. Click on the category below to see all the available websites for which we have optimized our scraping solutions.
If you are not interested in the above category, choose "Other Domains".

Testing Web Scraper API via Postman

You may test our API using Postman. Check out the video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.
Step-by-step guide on testing Web Scraper API using Postman
You can download this Web Scraper API Postman collection and import it to Postman. The collection contains request examples showcasing Web Scraper API functionality. You can customize the provided examples to your liking or start scraping right away.
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