Making Requests

Make a request to using the first Dedicated Datacenter proxy in your list. Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your proxy user credentials.

Use to check the parameters of your IPs—this domain delivers information from four geolocation databases: MaxMind, IP2Location, DB-IP, and The parameters include IP address, provider, country, city, ZIP code, ASN, organization name, time zone, and meta (when disclosed by database).

curl -x -U "user-USERNAME:PASSWORD" 

Please note that you must follow the above example of building the username string to make requests successfully. Use the exact grammar and be aware that username and password values are case-sensitive.

Code examples

curl -x -U "user-USERNAME:PASSWORD" 

The first IP in your proxy list will always use the8001 port. To make a request using a different proxy, you will need to find your proxy list and take port values from there.

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