Using Postman

You can use Postman to interact with our Scraper APIs. The tool allows you to make HTTP requests to our API by setting up your preferred configurations as well as request details. Follow the simple steps below to use it:

  • Choose the "File" option, select a relevant Postman collection from your computer, and click "Continue" (in the next window you will need to click "Import").

  • That's it! You can browse through the collection folders, choose the sources relevant to you, and start scraping by sending requests to our API.


Download and import one of the Postman collections below to explore our Scraper API functions and data delivery methods through request samples. These collections include examples you can use right away.

After creating your API credentials in the Oxylabs dashboard, you can enter them at the collection level. Every request in the collection is configured to inherit these collection-level credentials.

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