Add a city parameter to narrow down to city-level targeting. For example, cc-DE-city-munich means that a proxy from Munich, Germany, will handle the query.

We support every city in the world, yet due to the dynamic nature of Residential Proxies we do not guarantee we will have proxies there at specific moment in time. Most popular cities are well covered.

Here are a few examples of valid combinations of cc and city parameters: cc-US-city-los_angeles cc-IT-city-rome cc-TH-city-bangkok cc-JP-city-tokyo cc-AU-city-sydney cc-ES-city-barcelona

Code examples

In this example, a query to is performed from a random IP address from Munich, Germany:

curl -x -U "customer-USERNAME-cc-DE-city-munich:PASSWORD"

Download the list of supported cities by clicking the file below:

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