Oxylabs Documentation



Our documentation includes code examples showcasing how to connect to the proxies using HTTP protocol. The protocol is supported by common libraries and third-party software.


You can also use the fully encrypted connection using HTTPS protocol for an extra layer of security. For that, you have to add https:// to your proxy entry point. For example: https://pr.oxylabs.io:7777(this also applies to country specific entry nodes).
Please note that some libraries (or their older versions) and some 3rd party tools may not support HTTPS protocol, so double-check before making changes to your code.


For using SOCKS5 protocol, you have to add socks5h in your request, for example:
curl -x socks5h://pr.oxylabs.io:7777 -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD" ip.oxylabs.io
Please note that at the moment, SOCKS5 protocol does not support country specific entry nodes. You can target specific locations by adding additional parameters in your username. Here is a sample of targeting France:
curl -x socks5h://pr.oxylabs.io:7777 -U "customer-USERNAME-cc-FR:PASSWORD" ip.oxylabs.io