SwitchyOmega is a powerful and reliable proxy manager that works with many popular browsers.

Follow these steps to integrate Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies:

Step 1. Get the plugin and install it. For Chrome, click here. For Firefox, click here.

Step 2. Open SwitchyOmega Options.

Step 3. Click +New profile.

Step 4. Give this new profile a name, choose Proxy Profile type, and click Create.

Step 5. Change Protocol to HTTP. Fill in the details:

Server: dc.pr.oxylabs.io


You can also use country-specific entries. For example, if you fill in dc.de-pr.oxylabs.io under Server and 40000 under Port, you’ll acquire a German exit node. Find a complete list of country-specific entry nodes here.

Step 6. Click the lock icon on the right. Fill in the details for Proxy Authentication:

Proxy user username: customer-username

Proxy user password: password

Make sure you've added the customer- part before your username.

Click Save changes.

Step 7. Click Apply changes.

Step 8. Click on the SwitchyOmega icon and choose your newly configured proxy.

That's it! You are now ready to use SwitchyOmega with Shared Datacenter Proxies.

Find the original SwitchyOmega integration blog post here.

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