Coordinates targeting allows to select IPs in a specific location based on provided latitude/longitude and radius parameters.

For using this feature, you have to specify a proxy header:

X-Oxylabs-Geolocation with value Latitude:Longitude;Accuracy radius in miles.

For example, if you need an IP from the Canadian pool within 10 miles of the coordinates of latitude 49.9235, longitude -97.081, your request will look like this:

curl -x -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD" --proxy-header "X-Oxylabs-Geolocation: 49.9235:-97.0811;10"

If no IP is found within the provided coordinates and radius, you will receive 502 response code. See full list of response codes here.

Please noted that Accuracy radius in miles value can not be lower than 10 miles.

In order to widen your search zone, you should increase the radius value.

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