WebHarvy is a web scraping tool that extracts text, HTML, and images from web pages. The tool handles logins, form submissions, navigation, pagination, scheduled scraping and supports proxies.

To integrate Oxylabs Mobile Proxies with WebHarvy, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download and install the WebHarvy app.

Step 2. Once set up, navigate to Settings.

Step 3. Click on Proxy Settings. Select Enable network connection via Proxy Server and choose HTTP as your Type.

Step 4. Fill in the details:


Port: 7777

You can also use random or sticky country-specific entries. For example, if you enter us-pr.oxylabs.io under Address and 10000 under Port, you’ll acquire a US exit node. If you enter 10001 under Port, you’ll receive the US exit node with a sticky session. You can find a complete list of country-specific random proxy entry nodes here and a list of sticky proxy entry nodes - here.

Step 5. Select Requires Authentication to enter your Oxylabs proxy Username and Password. Click on the + button to add your new proxy to the list.

Step 6. Press Apply to finish your WebHarvy proxy integration.

That's all. Now you can browse the internet and mark the specific rows to scrape. By clicking Start, you can begin selecting your target data.

Find the original WebHarvy integration blog post here.

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