Making Requests

The easiest way to start is to send a simple query without custom options. We will add all standard headers on our end, pick the fastest proxy, and deliver you the response body.

curl -k -x -U "USERNAME:PASSWORD" ""

If you are observing low success rates or retrieve empty content, please try adding additional "x-oxylabs-render: html" header with your request. More information about JavaScript rendering can be found here.

To utilize additional functionalities of Web Unblocker, such as setting up proxy location or reusing the same IP for a few consecutive requests, please send additional headers with the request.

For optimal website unblocking, Web Unblocker employs pre-defined cookies, headers, and sessions. Please refrain from sending any custom parameters commonly used for unblocking, as they may interfere with Web Unblocker’s ability to get quality data.

Here's the full list of supported functionalities and headers:

Additional functionalities

For more advanced code examples, refer to individual functionality pages linked in the table above.

Code examples

curl -k -x -U "USERNAME:PASSWORD" ""

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