Entry Node for China

https://a81298871.com:8000 - Hong Kong
https://cnt9t1is.com:8000 - Beijing

We have configured entry nodes in Hong Kong and Beijing regions for better connectivity from China. Note that it is an HTTPS proxy node. All username parameters are identical to the regular entry node.

curl -x cnt9t1is.com:8000 -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD" https://ip.oxylabs.io/location

Please note that some 3rd party tools currently do not work with Hong Kong and Beijing entry nodes. 3rd party tools that work with said entry nodes are:

We are currently working on fixing the rest of the integrations on which HTTPS protocol will be supported.

If you are connecting to our residential network from China and still have issues with provided entry nodes, please get in touch at support@oxylabs.io, and we will figure out a solution together.

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