MoreLogin is an anti detection browser that allows you to manage multiple accounts and share responsibilities within a team with permission management.

Follow these steps to integrate Oxylabs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:

Step 1. Go to the official MoreLogin website and download the app for Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Set up an account and log in.

Step 3. Once set up, create a new browser profile.

Step 4. Fill in the initial profile settings, such as name and browser fingerprint, and click Advanced create.

Step 5. Scroll down or press Proxy settings to configure your Oxylabs proxies. As your Proxy option, choose Custom.

Step 6. To configure proxy settings manually, enter the following details:

Proxy type: HTTP or HTTPS


Port: 8001

You will need to choose port and IP address assigned to it from the purchased proxy list, that you can find in Oxylabs' dashboard.

Step 7. Enter your Oxylabs proxy user’s credentials. Under Proxy account and Proxy password, use the same username and password you entered to create a new proxy user in the Oxylabs dashboard.

Step 8. Click Proxy detection and test your proxy to ensure expected functionality.The proxy setup is now complete.

Step 9. Press Start to launch a new browser profile.

A Chromium-based browser will launch with two tabs open. One with your fingerprint details and another with a search engine homepage. Once more, check if your details correspond to your expectations.

You’re now ready to carry on with your multi-accounting tasks.

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