Usage Statistics

You can check your usage statistics programmatically. These requests are free of charge.

Find your usage statistics by querying the following endpoint:


Please prepend WU__ to your username (e.g., WU__username) when accessing this endpoint.

Code example

curl --user user:pass1 ''

This query will return all-time usage statistics. You can find your daily usage by adding ?group_by=day or monthly usage by adding ?group_by=month. Traffic is displayed in bytes.

Sample output

    "meta": {
        "group_by": null,
        "date_from": null,
        "date_to": null,
        "source": null
    "data": {
        "sources": [
                "results_count_all": "1482",
                "results_count": "0",
                "realtime_results_count": "0",
                "super_api_results_count": "12777",
                "render": "0",
                "geo_location": "0",
                "average_response_time": 2.18,
                "request_traffic": "6629", 
                "response_traffic": "17850",
                "title": "universal"

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