Oxylabs Documentation

Usage Statistics

You can find your usage statistics by querying the following endpoint:
GET https://data.oxylabs.io/v1/stats
By default, the API will return all-time usage statistics. Adding ?group_by=month will return monthly stats, while ?group_by=day will return daily numbers. Traffic is displayed in bytes.
Please prepend WU__ to your username (e.g., WU__username) when accessing this endpoint.
Web Unblocker counts only the traffic of successfully extracted data. Failed scraping attempts won’t be included in your traffic usage calculation. Both upstream and downstream traffic is calculated.

Code example

curl --user user:pass1 'https://data.oxylabs.io/v1/stats'
This query will return all-time statistics. You can find your daily and monthly usage by adding ?group_by=day or ?group_by=month. Traffic is displayed in bytes.

Sample output

"meta": {
"group_by": null,
"date_from": null,
"date_to": null,
"source": null
"data": {
"sources": [
"results_count_all": "1482",
"results_count": "0",
"realtime_results_count": "0",
"super_api_results_count": "12777",
"render": "0",
"geo_location": "0",
"average_response_time": 2.18,
"request_traffic": "6629",
"response_traffic": "17850",
"title": "universal"