Helium Scraper

Helium Scraper is a data extraction tool that allows you to scrape public data employing proxies to avoid various restrictions such as CAPTCHAs and IP blocks.

To integrate and enable Oxylabs Mobile Proxies with Helium Scraper, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download and install the tool.

Step 2. Launch Helium Scraper and select File > Proxy List.

Step 3. Fill in the required credentials:

Address: pr.oxylabs.io

Port: 7777

You can also use random or sticky country-specific entries. For example, if you enter us-pr.oxylabs.io under Address and 10000 under Port, you’ll acquire a US exit node. If you enter 10001 under Port, you’ll receive the US exit node with a sticky session. You can find a complete list of country-specific random proxy entry nodes here and a list of sticky proxy entry nodes - here.

User Name: Username1

Password: Password1

You can create and manage your proxy sub-users in our dashboard.

Step 4. Press OK.

Step 5. Open the Helium Scraper project you are working on and navigate to Project > Settings. Complete this and the following steps every time you start a new project.

Step 6. Change Enable Proxies to True and click OK.

Step 7. Finally, visit a website that shows IP addresses using Helium's main browser to verify the proxy integration with Helium Scraper. Confirm that the IP address has indeed changed.

That's all! You've successfully integrated your Mobile Proxies with Helium.

Find the original Helium Scraper integration blog post here.

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