Getting Started

Before we begin, please make sure you have received a username, password, and all URLs linking to your IP list from a Sales Representative, Dedicated Account Manager, or Support Team.

There are two ways you can get to your IP list. You can access the IP list directly from your browser by opening the URL you received (e.g., You will then be asked to enter your login credentials (HTTP Basic Authentication).

Or you can retrieve the list by making a GET request to the URL you received (e.g., Don't forget to replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your proxy user credentials.


To make a request using a proxy, you must choose an IP address from the acquired list and specify it in the request parameters. You can see an example in cURL below. You can find more code samples in other languages here or check complete code examples on our GitHub.


If there are any questions we have not covered in this documentation, please contact your Dedicated Account Manager or our Support at

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