Proxy List

Find the complete list of your purchased proxies under My Products -> ISP Proxies -> Proxy list menu in the dashboard. You can also conveniently export your proxy list in JSON or CSV formats.

Your proxy list contains the following information:

Entry point

The gateway to connect to your proxies - this value never changes and is always


The specific port that allows you to access a particular proxy from your list. Port number always starts from 8001 and goes up.


Two-letter country code that represents the location of your proxy.

Assigned IP

A specific proxy assigned to the indicated port.

Please note that you will use ports for making requests with your IPs, meaning you will not directly access your IPs. This method ensures a more stable and convenient service than direct access to IPs. The integration and configuration process is less complicated, and in the case of IP replacement, your port number won't change.

Please note that the system automatically assigns IPs to the ports. After making changes to your plan, IP allocation to ports may also change.

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