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MuLogin is a tool through which you can manage multiple business accounts - e-commerce platforms, social media, advertising, and marketing accounts - at once.
Follow these steps to integrate Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies:
Step 1. Download and install the tool. Open it and click Add browser.
Add browser
Step 2. You’ll be placed in the Basic Configuration section. Scroll down and click on Proxy settings.
Basic Configuration
Step 3. Choose HTTP and fill in the following information based on your proxies.
Proxy settings: HTTP
IP address: dc.pr.oxylabs.io
Port: 10000
You can also use country-specific entries. For example, if you fill in dc.de-pr.oxylabs.io under the IP address and 40000 under Port, you’ll acquire a German exit node. Find a complete list of country-specific entry nodes here.
Login user: Oxylabs proxy user username
Login password: Oxylabs proxy user password
You can create and manage your proxy users in our dashboard.
Filling in the details
Step 4. After filling out your proxy information, write a name in the Display name field at the top, scroll down, and click Save.
That's it! Your setup is done.
Find the original MuLogin integration blog post here.
Last modified 9mo ago