Lalicat Browser

Lalicat is a browser that allows users to manage multiple accounts at once, differentiating browser fingerprints to avoid being flagged or banned.

To configure Lalicat with Oxylabs ISP Proxies follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download, install and launch the application. Then, create a new account to log in.

Step 2. On the home screen, press Browser List and then click +Add browser to configure a new browser instance.

Step 3. Under basic configuration, fill in the Profile Name and select a simulated operating system and other settings necessary for the task.

Step 4. Under the Proxy settings, select HTTP as a proxy protocol to configure your proxy settings. Fill in the details:

Proxy settings: HTTP or HTTPS

IP address:

Port: 8001

You will need to choose port and IP address assigned to it from the purchased proxy list, that you can find in Oxylabs' dashboard.

Login Proxy Username: Oxylabs proxy user username

Login Proxy Password: Oxylabs proxy user password

You can customize a broader range of options by clicking the Advanced setting below.

Step 5. Press Check the Proxy to see if your proxy is functioning correctly and if a dedicated location is accurate.

Step 6. Finally, click save to complete the configuration, and to run the browser - click Run.

That’s all! You’ve successfully integrated your Oxylabs proxies with Lalicat Browser.

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