Making Requests

Basic query

Basic query only requires passing username and password. No other parameters are needed. Such a query will result in the request being made from a random IP address (proxy). Every new request will use a different proxy.

Code examples

In this example, a query to is performed from a random IP:

curl -x -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD"

A single backconnect proxy enables you to choose a specific country proxy via additional parameters in the username. This approach also supports session control. Below is a sample of credentials structure:


Query parameters





Case insensitive country code in 2-letter 3166-1 alpha-2 format. For example, DE for Germany, GB for the United Kingdom, TH for Thailand. You can find more details on how to use country-specific proxies here.


Case insensitive city name in English. This parameter must be accompanied by cc for better accuracy, for example, cc-GB-city-london for London, United Kingdom; cc-DE-city-berlin for Berlin, Germany. For a city with more than two words, replace space with _, for example, city-st_petersburg or city-rio_de_janeiro. Click here for more information on city-level targeting.


Case insensitive US state name with us_ in the beginning, for example, us_california, us_illinois. Click here for more information on state-level targeting.


Session ID to keep the same IP with upcoming queries. The session expires in 10 minutes. After that, a new IP address is assigned to that session ID. Random string, 0-9, and A-Z characters are supported.


The session time parameter keeps the same IP for a certain period. The maximum session time is 30 minutes.



- required parameter

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