Welcome to Oxylabs documentation.

Here you will find everything you need to get started using our proxies and scraper APIs.

If you cannot find something or need a hand, contact us at support@oxylabs.io or via the 24/7 available live chat on our website.

What can I find here?

Our documentation has three main sections. The first is dedicated to Oxylabs Proxies, the second to the Advanced proxy solutions, like Web Unblocker, and the third to our Scraper APIs.


In the Proxies section, you will find in-depth technical documentation on each type of proxies we offer. From Getting Started guides to run a basic query to a comprehensive integration process, code examples, and suggested 3rd party tools.

Select the proxy type for your needs and follow guidelines for smooth integration.

Advanced proxy solutions

This section contains information about an AI-powered proxy solution that helps you scrape difficult targets without getting blocked. Here you will find all the necessary guidelines with code examples on how to get started.

Scraper APIs

In this section, you will find general information on getting started with our Scraper APIs, as well as the scraper-specific guidelines.

We strongly advise you to go through the "API reference" part to get familiar with the key information that applies to all three Scraper APIs.

Then, depending on the Scraper API you are testing or using, visit its section and follow the guidelines from there.

Check out the features of Scraper APIs. Each feature page includes usage guidelines and code examples.

There is also an extra section for useful links to external sources - GitHub, FAQ and Scraping Experts lessons.

Oxylabs GitHub is the place to go for tutorials on how to scrape websites, use our tools, implement products or integrate them using the most popular programming languages (e.g., C#, Java, NodeJs, PHP, Python, etc.).

On the FAQ page, you will find frequently asked questions about our proxies and scrapers, as well as about billing, free tools, and others.

Scraping Experts page features beginner, intermediate, and advanced level lessons led by industry experts, focusing on data gathering techniques.

You will find all of the mentioned sections on the left-hand side menu.

NOTE: There is also a right-hand side menu that displays sub-section relevant to a certain page. If you cannot see it, try re-sizing your browser window.


Feel free to contact us at support@oxylabs.io or via the 24/7 available live chat in case you need any help. We will do our best to help you out with your questions as quickly as possible.

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