Oxylabs Documentation


Ubuntu is an open-source software operating system on Linux for enterprise servers, desktops, the cloud, and IoT.
To set up a system-wide network proxy, follow the steps below:
Step 1. Download and install Ubuntu Desktop.
Step 2. Find Settings from the Ubuntu launcher and go to the Network tab.
Ubuntu launcher
Step 3. Once you click on Network, it will open up a new dialog. From the three options, choose Network Proxy.
Choose Network Proxy
Step 4. Select Manual to configure proxy settings. Next, several text boxes will pop up from which you can set HTTP, HTTPS proxy. Fill in the following information:
HTTP Proxy: ddc.oxylabs.io
Port: 8001
You will need to choose port and IP address assigned to it from the purchased proxy list, that you can find in Oxylabs' dashboard.
Configuring proxy
Step 5. Close the Network Proxy window. The changes will automatically be saved, and the system-wide proxy will be activated.
That’s all! You’ve successfully integrated your Oxylabs proxies.