Authenticate your IPs by creating the IP whitelist on the dashboard. Log in to your account and navigate to Dedicated Datacenter Proxies Whitelist Edit whitelist:

Enter the list of individual IPs or up to /24 subnets. If you would like to whitelist a larger subnet, please contact your Dedicated Account Manager or support team at support@oxylabs.io.

If you are using Proxy Rotator or SOCKS5 proxies, you cannot whitelist selected IPs by yourself. In this case, please contact your Dedicated Account Manager or Customer Success, and they will do it for you (add your IPs to firewall exception rules). After that, you can access your proxies without login credentials.

Bear in mind that if you are using whitelisted IPs to access your proxies, you will need to use port 65432. For Proxy Rotator, the port remains 60000.

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