Geo Location


The geo_location parameter facilitates obtaining localized Google results through UULE-based values, compatible with most Google sources. There are multiple methods to choose from:

  1. Using a State Name:

    • Format: "State,Country"

    • Example: "geo_location": "California,United States"

  2. Using a Country Name:

    • Pass the official country name.

    • Example: "geo_location": "United Kingdom"

  3. Using Coordinates and Radius:

    • For hyperlocal results (e.g., "restaurants near me"), provide latitude, longitude, and radius values.

    • Example: "geo_location": "lat: 47.6205, lng: -122.3493, rad: 25000"

  4. Using Google's Canonical Location Name or Criteria ID:

    • Find values here in the latest zipped CSV file.

    • Example: "geo_location": "New York,New York,United States" or "geo_location": "1023191"

If you mistakenly enter a misspelled geo_location parameter, our system or Google may attempt to correct it for you. However, note that specifying an existing Criteria ID is crucial for successful requests.

Additionally, consider combining the locale and domain parameters along with the correct geo_location structure. This combination enhances precision and ensures that your queries align with your intended localization preferences.

You can also use domain , results_language, locale parameters when scraping Google. Learn more here.


Google Travel Hotels

  • Only city-level geo_location values are supported (e.g., "Seattle,Washington,United States").

  • Wide-area locations (e.g., "United States") are not supported.

  • Please refer to the attached file for a list of geo_location values that do not yield accurate results.

Google Suggest

The google_suggest source accepts only two-letter ISO-3166 country codes, e.g. US, DE, LT, etc. Don't use any other input format with this source.


Bing supports a few geo_location parameter value formats.

  • City-level location. It is very straightforward. Just pass a city-level location in the City,State,Country format. Example: "geo_location": "New York,New York,United States".

  • State-level location. Strip the first part of a city-level location and pass a geo_location value in the "State,Country" format. Example: "geo_location": "California,United States".

  • Country-level location. To get results localized for the geographical center point of a country, pass an official country name. Example: "geo_location": "United Kingdom".

  • Coordinate-level location. To get hyperlocal search results (beneficial for searches such as "restaurants near me"), you can pass latitude, longitude, and radius values. The following example passes the coordinates of Space Needle in Seattle, WA: "geo_location": "lat: 47.6205, lng: -122.3493, rad: 25000".

You can also use locale parameter when scraping Bing. Learn more here.

Other Search Engines

For all other search engines, geo_location parameter picks the location of a proxy we will use for scraping.

Check the complete list of supported geo_location values here.

Here is an example:

"United Arab Emirates",
"Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of",
"South Africa",

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