SERP Scraper API
SERP Scraper API is designed to extract large volumes of public data from leading search engines in real time. It is best for gathering data for keyword rank tracking, brand monitoring, and ads data tracking.
Below you will find the names of the search engines we can scrape. Click on the item that is relevant to you to find guidelines on how to extract the data you are interested in.

Testing SERP Scraper API via Postman

You may test our API using Postman. Check out the video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.
Step-by-step guide on testing SERP Scraper API using Postman
NOTE: You can download this SERP Scraper API Postman collection and import it to Postman. The collection contains request examples showcasing SERP Scraper API functionality. You can customize the provided examples to your liking or start scraping right away.
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