Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome
Oxy Proxy Extension is a proxy management extension for Chrome. It is free and works with any proxy provider of your choice. Enable your proxy without having to jump through settings and menu options. Download the extension from Chrome Web Store.
  • Click the extension icon to open the application;
  • If you haven't added any proxies yet, you will see Add new proxy button. Click it to continue;
  • Add proxy profile. Provide a name for the profile under Enter name. Enter one of the proxies you purchased from us as Proxy server IP and 60000 as Port if you use username:password authentication method, and 65432 if you are using whitelisted IPs.
Fill in your Username and Password. Finally, click Save changes. If you have whitelisted your IP, you don't need to do this step at all.
  • Open the extension and click Connect.
That's it! You are now using Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.
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