You can extract data from using Web Scraper API. All you have to do is provide a URL while submitting your job.

To retrieve data from

  1. Make a POST request to the endpoint.

  2. The JSON payload that you post should contain the "source": "universal" and "url": "https://some.redfin.url/" parameters.


When submitting a job, you have to send your job parameters inside a JSON payload. See the example below for more details:

Query parameters

- required parameter

Code examples


The example above uses the Realtime integration method. If you would like to use some other integration method in your query (e.g., Push-Pull or Proxy Endpoint), refer to the integration methods section.

Although we do not have a dedicated parser for Redfin, you can write your own parsing instructions with Custom Parser feature and get structured data.


An example of a response that you can expect to get from the Realtime endpoint:

  "results": [
      "content": "<html>
      "created_at": "2019-10-01 00:00:01",
      "updated_at": "2019-10-01 00:00:15",
      "id": null,
      "page": 1,
      "url": "",
      "job_id": "12345678900987654321",
      "status_code": 200

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