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Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome

Oxy Proxy Extension is a proxy management extension for Chrome. It is free and works with any proxy provider of your choice.​
Follow these steps to integrate Oxylabs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:
Step 1. Download and click the extension icon to open the application.
Step 2. Click the +Add proxy button. Click it to continue.
Add new proxy
Step 3. Add proxy profile, fill in the details:
Name: Proxy name
Proxy type: HTTP
Proxy IP: a specific IP address ( example)
In the case of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, you will need to choose an IP address from the purchased list. Please refer to our documentation for more details.
If you’re using a username:password authentication method:
Username: username
Password: password
You can create and manage your proxy users in our dashboard.
Port: 60000
If you’re using whitelisted IPs:
Port: 65432
If you have whitelisted your IP, you don't need to add Username and Password.
Step 4. Finally, click Save changes.
Manage proxies
Step 5. Open the extension and click Connect.
Connect proxy
That's it! You are now using Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.
You can also check out our free Oxy Proxy Manager app for Android. It allows you to easily add and manage proxies as well as switch between multiple IPs with a simple one-click connection.
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