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Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Next-Gen Residential Proxies are built for heavy-duty data retrieval operations. They enable effortless web data extraction. The product is not a regular proxy, but a more advanced system managing multiple scraping processes such as:
  • Automatic proxy type management
  • Browser fingerprint generation
  • Automatic retries
  • Parsing results for selected domains
  • Maintaining sessions
  • JavaScript rendering
Next-Gen Residential Proxies guarantees a much higher success rate in comparison with regular proxies. Next-Gen Residential Proxies also support custom headers defined by the user and IP stickiness alongside reusable cookies and POST requests.
In this documentation, you will learn everything you need to know for successful integration of Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxies. Get off to a good start by reading the Getting Started guide.
If Next-Gen Residential Proxies are being used to scrape websites dependant on loading data via JavaScript, please refer to JavaScript rendering. The product is not designed to be used with headless browsers (e.g. Chromium, PhantomJS, Splash, etc.) and their drivers (e.g. Playwright, Selenium, Puppeteer, etc.) directly!
If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via the 24/7 live chat.